Singer, Songwriter, Musician, and Teacher

Like a Desert Paintbrush, Katya Grasso's artistry has sprouted with the power to instill color into arid landscapes. Katya has a unique ability to pull nectar directly from her soul into the ears of her listeners, softly and sweetly coaxing them into the delicate power of her music.


Beauty, love and soul are the key components woven into the spells of her singer-songwriter magic. From the ocean to the mountains, Katya draws energy from natural scenes to create her enchanting songs.


She is a local to the Mojave Desert and Southern California. The world was formally introduced to Katya’s music when she recorded her own studio album in 2019, To Keep What I Love. Still, it is undeniable that her musical incantations are most potent in the presence of her person, something to be seen and heard to be believed.